MD Sticky Memo Pad

MD Sticky Memo Pad

A memo pad that makes writing a pleasure

While notebooks are for writing down a series of thoughts across multiple pages, memo pads are for those pieces of information we need to remember. We need both!

Enter the MD Sticky Memo Pad. This pad complements the MD Notebook so that you can enjoy the writing comfort of MD PAPER all the time.

Add the MD Sticky Memo Pad to your collection of MD stationery and see how your writing possibilities grow.

MD Sticky Memo Pad is around 5mm smaller than the pages of the MD Notebook, so that you can add sheets to the MD Notebook.

Stick them in and they fit so neatly that they look like part of the page. Expand on what you write in your MD Notebook by adding ideas on sheets from the MD Sticky Memo Pad.

The lines are the same as the MD Notebook, providing a unified look when you stick sheets in your MD Notebook.

Being able to add ideas and notes to your MD Notebook like this will stimulate your creativity even more.

With other memo pads, the side with the adhesive can be difficult to write on.

The MD Sticky Memo Pad is carefully designed so that you can write easily on both sides of each sheet, with no stickiness or smearing.

New line types have been added to the series.
The dot grid has the same format as the dot grid in MD Notebook Journal, providing an easy guide for neat writing and diagrams.
The frame ruling has the same format as the frames in MD Notebook Journal. Use it to keep records or as a separate section for titles or dates.

With 80 sheets and a size small enough to fit in your pocket (A7), you’ve always got somewhere to write down sudden ideas.

The pages can be stuck in the MD Notebook, providing the perfect companion to your MD Notebook and a way to customize your unique chronicle of your life even more.

MD Sticky Memo Pad has the same cover as the MD Notebook.

This keeps it clean and prevents it from bending so that you can jot down any ideas and notes that come to you when you’re out.

The cover can also be used as a backing board so that you can write while standing.



MD Sticky Memo Pad [A7] Blank


MD Sticky Memo Pad [A7] Lined


MD Sticky Memo Pad [A7] Gridded


MD Sticky Memo Pad [A7] Dot Grid


MD Sticky Memo Pad [A7] Frame



Size H102×W76×D10mm
Weight approx.54g
Paper 80 sheets