MD Pen Case

MD Pen Case

A no-frills, easy-to-use pencase designed to make writing a pleasure

This pencase was created expressly to make writing a pleasure.

This cleanly designed pencase fits neatly on your desk or in your bag, holding your favorite writing instruments from pencils to fountain pens.

Choose between a flat gussetless type and a free-standing type with a gusset.

The texture of the robust, no-frills Kurashiki Canvas material changes through use, developing a unique character that reflects its years as your companion.

Minimalist design coordinated with the MD Notebook.

The streamlined form and timeless, natural texture fit seamlessly into your writing routine.

The flat gussetless type is just the right size for 5-6 writing instruments.

Slightly long size to fit standard 180mm pencils with caps on.

You can even fit an MD Sticky Memo Pad in it.

The gusseted type is designed to hold plenty of items.

You can put in 20 writing instruments—fountain pens, pencils, colored pencils, you name it—and still have room for items like a ruler.
And even when it’s full, it keeps its beautiful shape.

The pocket inside is perfect for holding small items such as fountain pen cartridges or an eraser.

The zipper has a cow leather pull tag with the MD logo engraved.

With each use, the leather becomes softer and more lustrous, adding an incidental pleasure.

Made from ultra-durable Kurashiki Canvas that has been used in boat sails and truck tarps for many years.

Water-repellent wax treatment provides excellent water resistance.

The material is stiff at first and then softens with use, developing character that reflects the unique way you use your pencase.


MD Pencase Kurashiki Canvas


MD Pencase Kurashiki Canvas with Gusset



MD Pencase Kurashiki Canvas MD Pencase Kurashiki Canvas with Gusset
Size H105×W210×D12mm(without the pull tag) H80×W210×D60mm(without the pull tag)
Weight approx. 60g approx. 76g
Specifications Material/ Pencase: Kurashiki canvas Pull tag: Cow leather