MD Tool Box 15th

MD Tool Box 15th

A home for all the things that make writing a pleasure.

This fresh-looking tool box is designed to complement the MD Notebook.

Made from around 50% recycled offcuts
from the MD Notebook’s production process, this tool box has the inimitable color and texture of MD PAPER.

Use it to store your MD PAPER PRODUCTS™—our pencil, fountain pen, dip pen and correction tape—and all those other small items on your desk that you need to keep together.

The lid can be flipped over and used as a tray.

This tool box was born in a factory in Gifu Prefecture.

When we make MD Notebooks, we keep all the scraps of MD PAPER that we’re left with, such as the waste paper from the printing process and the offcuts from the binding process.

Look closely and you’ll see ruled lines or grids in places.

First, the paper is put in a mixer that looks like a big furnace to turn the MD Notebook offcuts back into fibers.

The offcuts are not strong enough on their own so they are mixed with an equal amount of pulp.

When the offcuts are mixed with water, they look just like okayu (rice porridge), a comfort food in Japan.

We then dilute it further until it’s more than 99% water.

When the concentration is right, we suction it up into a mold with a hole in it to form the shape of the product.

Then it goes to the press.

Heat is applied during pressing to dry it.

By the end of this process, the product is smooth—totally different from the rough texture of the raw materials.

Each one comes out of the mold.

After the boxes are weighed, each one is hand-inspected to make sure it is not soiled or scratched.

Here’s one before the finishing process. It still has rough edges.

Each of the rough edges is cut off. Now the product is complete.

MD PAPER has been transformed into a tool box, while retaining its original character.



MD Tool Box 15th



Size H216×W152×D39mm
Weight approx.143g