MD Notebook

MD Notebook

A simple notebook that
is optimized to make writing easy.

The “note” in “notebook” also means “to notice”.

Writing, diagrams and pictures are all ways that people immortalize the things they notice during their day-to-day life. And since a notebook is a common place for those observations, we wanted to make sure that our notebook would be kept close at hand.

The MD Notebook is designed for simplicity so that what’s on your mind can be put on paper easily.

The MD Notebook is designed for simplicity and comfort.
With the 15th-anniversary redesign, writing is even more of a pleasure than before.

MD PAPER is now used not only for the pages but for the cover and flyleaf too for the ultimate comfort during writing.

Enjoy even greater freedom and comfort with the new MD Notebook.

Page 1 of the new MD Notebook is the cover, which is made from MD PAPER
like the pages.
Every sensation is comfortable, from the movement of the pen on the paper to the way the notebook fits in your hands when you pick it up and rests under your hand when you write.

Write what you like on the cover.
Now you can make every inch of your MD Notebook your own.

The cover of the MD Notebook is different from standard notebooks.

Where standard notebooks have endpaper under the cover,
the MD Notebook’s endpaper is the cover.
This is because the additional paper or cover on a standard notebook makes the notebook more difficult to open, or causes wobbling, which interferes with your writing comfort.

We wanted MD Notebook users to be able to write comfortably and get the most out of the high-quality materials that are used.

No bells and whistles; just the pleasure of writing.
And of course ease of writing is important too.

Behind this no-frills design are a multitude of optimizations.

Threaded binding is used for MD Notebook, with 16-page quires bound at the back with thread.

Threaded binding makes the pages both robust and easy to open. Usually used for items such as notebooks and journals that will be used for a long time, this binding’s ability to open to a full 180 degrees provides the ultimate comfort when writing, making writing a stress-free experience from start to finish.

The cover of the MD Notebook is different from standard notebooks.

We think the additional paper or cover on a standard notebook makes the notebook more difficult to open, or causes wobbling, which interferes with your writing comfort.
This gives the MD Notebook an iconic design where you can see the mesh on the spine, called cheesecloth, that is hidden under the cover in other notebooks.

The exposed cheesecloth spine bends easily, keeping the notebook open perfectly.

The MD Notebook comes in three designs: blank, lines and grid.

The blank type offers the ultimate freedom when putting your ideas on paper. You can even use the two-page spread as a single canvas when drawing.

The type with lines has a thick line at the center so that you can divide each page in half or divide a two-page spread into quarters. Use it for notes or a diary, or add dates and use it as a schedule.

The grid type has 5mm squares with gaps in between, like the old genko yoshi used for writing in Japan. Every 5 and 10 squares are marked, making it easy to count how many characters are written, and the lines of the grid are pale blue so that they will not interfere with your writing or sketches.

We’ve added a playful touch to the minimalist design of the MD Notebook.

Another iconic feature of the MD Notebook is the string attached to the spine. Each type of notebook now has its own color of string, with a white string in the cotton type and an orange string in the diary type. This adds a tasteful accent that can be glimpsed through the white spine and between the pages.

The MD Notebook is wrapped in glassine paper in place of a cover.

It is designed to match the sizes of books, with the glassine paper wrapped like the dust jacket of old books to add to the effect while also keeping the pages clean.

Use it to protect your MD Notebook or take it off and use your MD Notebook bare. You can even put it on one of your books for protection on the shelf. There are so many different things you can do with this versatile wrapping!

The MD Notebook is designed to match the sizes of books in Japan, with a range of five sizes: A7, A6 (pocket edition size), B6 Slim (paperback size), A5 (hardback size) and A4 Variant (magazine size).

It’s just the right size to place next to your favorite books on your shelf!

It also comes with index tabs that coordinate perfectly with the coverless design and exposed cheesecloth spine.

Some are printed with frequently used items such as “IDEA” or “DIARY”, while others are left blank so that you can add your own headings. They can also be stuck to the top to hold the string in place.


A7 Size

MD Notebook [A7] Blank


MD Notebook [A7] Lined


MD Notebook [A7] Grid


A6 Size

MD Notebook [A6] Blank


MD Notebook [A6] Lined


MD Notebook [A6] Grid


B6 Slim Size

MD Notebook [B6 Slim] Blank


MD Notebook [B6 Slim] Lined


MD Notebook [B6 Slim] Grid


A5 Size

MD Notebook [A5] Blank


MD Notebook [A5] Lined


MD Notebook [A5] Grid


A4 Variant Size

MD Notebook [A4 Variant] Blank



A7 A6 B6 Slim A5 A4 Variant
Size H105×W74×D10mm H148×W105×D10mm H175×W105×D10mm H210×W148×D10mm H275×W210×D10mm
Weight approx.68g approx.134g approx.158g approx.265g approx.488g
Inner Paper 176pages
Cover Glassine paper
Specifications Bookmark string / Label stickers / Thread-stitched book-binding