MD Notebook Light

MD Notebook Light

Jot down your sources of
inspiration anywhere, at any time

Writing by hand is different from a keyboard, where each letter appears with a single touch.

More care is needed, and the process is different.

Every letter, every picture and diagram, is made up of lines.

When you write and draw by hand, you are taking your time and putting thought into each line that you draw.

That stimulates your mind, and it is from here that inspiration is born.

MD Notebook Light allows you to jot down your ideas anywhere, at any time.

MD Notebook Light comes in a set of 3, each with 48 pages.

Whether you use them one at a time or use each one for a different purpose, this compact package is designed to flexible enough to suit your needs.

This slim, light notebook allows you to write down ideas instantly.

Keep it in your bag or your jacket or pants pocket so that it’s close at hand when inspiration strikes.

You can even fold the pages all the way around and hold it in one hand, allowing you to write while standing.

MD Notebook Light comes in the same four sizes as the standard MD Notebook, along with a new compact A7 size.

Choose from the classic A6 and B6 Slim sizes used for diaries, an A5 size that matches the size of a planner or tablet, and an A4 size that provides plenty of room for writing.

The new A7 size fits in your palm, pocket or bag so that you can pull it out and take notes any time.

Each person uses their notebook differently. Some draw pictures, some write down ideas, some create diagrams to arrange information.

MD Notebook Light is available blank, with lines or with a grid, so that no matter what you need out of a notebook, there’s something for you.

Choose the right size and combination of the MD Notebook Light and MD Notebook to jot down your inspirations and notes.

Indexing is a great way to divide your content into themes.

MD Notebook Light comes with index tabs that you can attach to your notebook to customize it. Create your own original chapters and mark them so you can see each one at a glance.

After you divide each volume of your MD Notebook Light into chapters, you can make each notebook into a part of a compendium.

MD Notebook Light is also slim and light enough to fit two volumes of the A5 size in the MD Notebook Cover.


A7 Size

MD Notebook Light [A7] Blank 3pcs Pack


MD Notebook Light [A7] Lined 3pcs Pack


MD Notebook Light [A7] Grid 3pcs Pack


A6 Size

MD Notebook Light [A6] Blank 3pcs pack


MD Notebook Light [A6] Lined 3pcs pack


MD Notebook Light [A6] Grid 3pcs pack


B6 Slim Size

MD Notebook Light [B6 Slim] Blank 3pcs pack


MD Notebook Light [B6 Slim] Lined 3pcs pack


MD Notebook Light [B6 Slim] Grid 3pcs pack


A5 Size

MD Notebook Light [A5] Blank 3pcs pack


MD Notebook Light [A5] Lined 3pcs pack


MD Notebook Light [A5] Grid 3pcs pack


A4 Variant Size

MD Notebook Light [A4 Variant] Blank 3pcs pack


MD Notebook Light [A4 Variant] Lined 3pcs pack


MD Notebook Light [A4 Variant] Grid 3pcs pack


[LIMITED EDITION] MD Notebook Light A5 Size

[LIMITED EDITION] MD Notebook Light [A5] Grid 7 Color Set



A7 A6 B6 Slim A5 A4 Variant
Size H105×W74×D3mm H148×W105×D3mm H175×W105×D3mm H210×W148×D3mm H275×W210×D3mm
Package Size H105×W84×D15mm H148×W115×D15mm H175×W115×D15mm H210×W160×D15mm H275×W220×D15mm
Weight approx.61g / 3pcs approx.120g / 3pcs approx.141g / 3pcs approx.237g / 3pcs approx.436g / 3pcs
Inner Paper 48pages
Specifications 3pcs pack / Label stickers / Saddle Stitched
[LIMITED EDITION] MD Notebook Light Grid 7 Color Set
Size H210×W148×D5mm
Package Size H216×W153×D36mm
Weight approx. 773g
Inner Paper 64page
Specifications 7 colors / Center sewn binding