MD Notebook Cotton

MD Notebook Cotton

With this soft paper, nothing stands
between you and your vision

When you’re working on art, you need strong, smooth paper that won’t form fuzz under friction.

With our soft cotton paper, pencil and paint alike spread smoothly.

20% of the material used for MD PAPER Cotton is soft-textured cotton pulp to achieve the best possible comfort when drawing.

When we set out to create MD Cotton, we asked ourselves why people make art.

We think artists want to capture images in their mind or the things they see, so we designed this paper so that nothing stands between you and your vision.

The sizes of MD Notebook Cotton have been optimized for drawing, with the range now featuring F0 size (H180xW140mm), F2 size (H240xW190mm) and an F3 variant (H273x210mm).

Incidentally, the F stands for “figure” – this French standard is based on the golden ratio for portraits and other pictures.

MD Notebook Cotton has now been increased from 176 to 200 pages.

The bigger a notebook is, the longer you can use it, and the longer you use it, the more it will come to have a place in your heart.

Everything you draw, even the little sketches that only take up one page, will be full of special memories.

The unique texture of the paper adds to the pleasure of drawing.


MD Notebook Cotton [F0]


MD Notebook Cotton [F2]


MD Notebook Cotton [F3 Variant]



MD Notebook Cotton F0 F2 F3 Variant
Size H180×W140×D11mm H240×W190×D11mm H273×W210×D11mm
Weight approx.227g approx.405g approx.508g
Inner Paper 200pages
Cover Glassine paper
Specifications Bookmark string / Label stickers / Thread-stitched book-binding