MD Wall Calendar

MD Wall Calendar

Blank space turns a wall calendar
into a way to connect

Keep each other up to date about your plans.

Writing your plans and looking at those of the people you live with can lead to conversations—for example, a reminder about a camping trip will get you talking about the things you plan on doing.

With such a simple way of keeping each other in the loop, you’ll never forget about special days coming up.

So make sure you hang your wall calendar somewhere you’ll all see it.

This wall calendar is the latest addition to the MD Calendar series, which provides the unique texture and writing pleasure that MD Paper (Cream) is known for.

The minimalist design creates a simple look that suits any decor.

About 1/3 of the page is left blank, giving you plenty of space for your thoughts and ideas.

Jot down anything that pops into your mind—the size of some furniture you want to buy, the name of a good restaurant your friend mentioned on social media, an island you’d love to visit one day.

Broaden your world with a freedom that digital tools simply can’t provide.

The wall calendar comes with an MD Pencil (B) so that you can jot things down as soon as you think of them.

There’s a warmth about things written in pencil that pens can’t achieve.

Enjoy the harmony between the pencil and paper as you write freely in the blank space.

The pencil is held in place by a minimalist elastic pen holder in the same orange that adds a splash of color to our other calendars.


MD Wall Calendar 2024



Size H433×W307×D10mm
Weight approx.283g
Specification Calendar 12 sheets (January - December 2024) /
Includes rubber pen holder and one MD Pencil (B) /
Double Ring (Silver)