MD PAPER PRODUCTS™ are simple,
Japan-made products that are
designed to get the most out of
our exactingly designed MD PAPER.

We have continued to explore the unique qualities of MD PAPER since the 1960’s in order to continually refine the writing feel that enhances the value of taking pen to paper.

Universal quality can inevitably be found by focusing on the true characteristics of a product. We will continue to redefine and refine MD PAPER through the creation of a wide range of products.

MD PAPER PRODUCTS have a lot in common with tofu, an essential ingredient in Japanese cuisine.

Tofu is made from soybeans and water, and likewise, paper is mainly made from pulp and water.

They both have an extremely simple combination of materials, but require the utmost care in how they are made.

Even the smallest difference in the ingredients or production method can cause a major difference in the appearance and taste of the finished product.

Just look at the difference between smooth silken tofu and its firmer counterpart, called “cotton tofu” in Japanese.

Like tofu, MD PAPER PRODUCTS have two types of paper, made from different materials by different processes.

MD PAPER (Cream) has a color that is easy on the eye, and your pen or pencil will glide across the surface. With our white MD PAPER Cotton type, you’ll feel every indentation your pen or pencil makes in the paper.

Just like the two types of tofu have distinct tastes suited to different dishes, our range offers two styles allowing you to write and draw in a way that is just right for you.

MD Notebooks even look like tofu when they’re arranged together.

And most importantly, when you begin using MD Notebook, it will become as essential for capturing your day to day life as tofu is in Japanese cooking.

Ideal for writing and drawing alike

This meticulously designed paper is complemented by a wide range of products so that you can get the most out of writing and drawing with MD PAPER PRODUCTS.


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and enjoy the sound of comfortable writing.

Writing is about getting into a rhythm and organizing your thoughts

MD PAPER (Cream) and MD PAPER Cotton are designed to make writing comfortable so that nothing is slowing you down or breaking your train of thought, and you’ll see the difference from the very first use.
When you’re comfortable with the stationery you’re using, you eventually get into a rhythm. The words leap onto the page and your thoughts become cohesive. That’s the ease that MD PAPER provides.
The sensation of your pencil or pen against the paper strikes a chord emotionally and somehow your ideas start to take shape.


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and enjoy the sound of comfortable drawing.

Drawing is about capturing a moment

When you’re working on art, you need strong, smooth paper that won’t form fuzz under friction.

With MD PAPER, pencil and paint alike spread smoothly.
Bring the images in your mind to life and enjoy the different nuances that MD PAPER (Cream) and MD PAPER Cotton provide.

Whether you’re writing or drawing, you can’t beat MD PAPER PRODUCTS.