15th Anniversary Event

MD15th Special Event & Pop-up Store in Taipei, Taiwan

 eslite Xinyi Store 6F

We are holding special events to celebrate the 15th anniversary of MD PAPER PRODUCTS™.
With our new 15th anniversary MD Notebook, which is made entirely of MD PAPER (including the cover and flyleaf) for even greater comfort when writing, and exhibits showing how 15 artists expressed themselves when told they could write anywhere they wanted, including the cover, these events are spaces for enjoying writing. To spark your creativity, there will be plenty of items that will only be available at the events, including paper bookends, mortar book stands and packs of MD PAPER. We'll be holding workshops during the event period, where you can try making your own MD Block Memo Pad and have your purchased MD Notebook foil stamped. We are looking forward to seeing MD PAPER PRODUCTS™ fans there!

About the Event

Period 2023.7.21(Fri) - 8.7(Mon) 11:00-22:00
Venue eslite Xinyi Store 6F Ideal Stationery Fair
No. 11, Songgao Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 11073
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Workshop Foil Stamping:
2023.7.22(Sat), 23(Sun)(Reception hours:14:00-17:00) Make Your Own MD Memo Block:
2023.7.22(Sat), 23(Sun)(Reception hours:14:00-17:00) Watercolor Painting Workshop:
Only on 2023.8.5(Sat)(Workshop Session:14:00-15:30, 15:30-17:00)

Event Details


Exhibition of the Original MD Notebooks with the Artists' Drawings

15 artists decorated the new MD Notebook with original drawings based on the theme "ideas".


Write or Draw on the Cover of the MD Notebook

Samples of the Extra Thick MD PAPER used on the cover of the new version of the MD Notebook will be available. Write or draw on it however you like and enjoy the comfortable texture.

Limited-edition Event Products

MD Notebooks and MD Postcards in collaboration with Peko Asano

Letterpress MD Postcards made from MD PAPER Extra Thick and embossed MD Notebooks with special illustrations by Peco Asano will be sold. Asano is the Key Visual designer of 2023's Ideal Stationery Fair by eslite.

  • MD Notebook<A6> Blank 15th Peko Asano
  • MD Postcard Peko Asano

Limited-edition Event Products

MD Book Stand, MD Bookend

The mortar book stand is perfect for displaying your MD Notebook, and has a pleasing natural texture. The bookend is made from Pasco, a stiff cardboard material made in the same factory as MD PAPER, and is ideal for holding your MD Notebooks or books.

  • MD Book Stand Mortar
  • MD Bookend Pasco Black
  • MD Bookend Pasco Beige
  • MD Bookend Pasco Reddish Brown

Limited-edition Event Products

Thick and Extra Thick MD PAPER

The flyleaf and cover has been upgraded to use our new Thick and Extra Thick versions of MD PAPER respectively. These new versions of MD PAPER will also be available in A6 and A4 size.

  • MD PAPER<A6> Thick 10 Sheet Pack
  • MD PAPER<A4> Thick 10 Sheet Pack
  • MD PAPER<A6> Extra Thick 10 Sheet Pack
  • MD PAPER<A4> Extra Thick 10 Sheet Pack

Limited-edition Event Products

MD Notebook Thick

This Event Limited Edition MD Notebook uses MD PAPER Thick. It is a notebook that you can use from start to finish as it is possible to lie the notebook completely flat due to the unique thread codex binding which allows you to see the spine.

  • MD Notebook<A5> Thick Blank

* We will also have various samples of the MD Notebook Thick in different sizes that we are considering for production.

Limited-edition Event Products

MD Notebook Cover (Sheep Leather, Cow Leather, Horse Leather)

Enjoy the texture of natural leather with these tanned leather MD Notebook covers. Available in sheep, cow or horse leather.

  • MD Notebook Cover<A5> Sheep Leather
  • MD Notebook Cover<A5> Cow Leather
  • MD Notebook Cover<A5> Horse Leather


Foil Stamping (Jul. 22 & 23 only)

For customers who purchase an MD Notebook<A5> at the event, we are offering a gold foil stamp service which features the illustration of Peco Asano.


Make Your Own MD Memo Block (Jul. 22 & 23 only)

Try making your own memo block from MD PAPER and glue.

  • MD Memo Block Making Workshop TWD250


Watercolor Painting Workshop (Aug. 5 only)

We are holding a workshop for customers who purchase an MD Notebook Thick. Hank, an popular illustrator, who will explain and how to use watercolors to draw different motifs. Hank will do a live illustration for you to reference as you draw your own in your MD Notebook.

  • Workshop Session: 1) 14:00-15:30 2) 15:30-17:00, 10 participants in each part, first come first served